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Welcome to Grado. Your comprehensive and user-friendly school management solution. We're here to revolutionize the way you run your school as you say goodbye to time-consuming administrative chaos and gaps. With Grado, you are in control.

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Discover your school’s
true potential. Rise above chaos.

Grado is your unparalleled and dedicated partner for efficient administration to simplify daily operations and provide real-time insights.

Here, education intersects with innovation, delivering a seamless management experience.

Whether you're a K-12 school, a university, or anything in between, Grado is tailored to fit your needs.

Rise Above Chaos

What Grado offers

Key Advantages

Real-time insights for improved collaboration

Achieve 'AHA' moments with instant insights for well-informed decisions and conflict resolution. Our real-time monitoring guarantees students pick the right courses, faculties manage classes proficiently, and administrators forecast high-demand classes.

Benefit Insights

Historical permanent records management

Permanent Record Management

Securely store and retrieve academic information. Easy access to records while ensuring data integrity for efficient academic evaluations.

Easy-breezy enrollment and curriculum management

Easy Breezy Enrollment

Picture this. A system enabling administrators to centralize enrollment in a single platform with multiple curriculums and custom options. Accessible schedules and grades empower informed student choices.

Safeguarding your school’s data

Safe Guarding Data

We prioritize industry-standard security for your data and privacy. Robust measures safeguard sensitive information, bringing peace of mind to your institution and stakeholders.

Simplified user experience

Simplified User Experience

Our user-friendly interface minimizes errors and maximizes productivity. Enjoy mobile responsiveness for easy access to class schedules, course details, subject requirements, and grades—improving your experience.

No sweat reports generation

Admins can easily generate and download reports, ditching manual work. Grado covers tasks such as assessments, payments, transfers, subject changes, and LOA requests, facilitating complex processes.

Reports Generation

Why choose Grado?

Because education should be about teaching, not paperwork. Grado empowers you to focus on what truly matters - nurturing minds and shaping futures. Foster your pioneering spirit and witness your school’s transformation today!

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Key features

  • Student records management
  • Degree and course management
  • Curriculum builder
  • Buildings and rooms management
  • Course advising
  • Fees assessment
  • Payment history
  • Transcript of grades and report cards
  • Reports generation
  • Online submission of grades
  • Payment integration
  • LMS integration
  • Current transactions
  • Eligibility status
  • Course requirements
  • Registration and enlistment
  • Sections and class schedules
  • Special transactions
  • Change of subjects or matriculation
  • Dropping of subjects
  • Leave of absence
  • Late registration
  • Late assessment
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Step into the Grado Advantage:

Embrace the future where education is truly enjoyable and school management is a breeze. Bid farewell to piles of paperwork and administrative chaos and say hello to possibilities.

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