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3 more days until Grado launch

3 more days until Grado launch

News and Updates

The finality of the final test. 3 days away. Grado Grand Launch. Ooh-ah!

Our caffeine-fueled passion-pumped brains clamor for more days but the timer’s been set. 3 more days to polish Grado.

But wait, there’s more! Aside from the ever-tightening launch date is the nerve-wracking addition in the program detail — Grado shall be mercilessly tested and QA’d by the very target audience we intend to conquer—students. And not just those average internet surfer students but the gadget-wielding, mobile-trotting IT students who are members of the JPCS (Junior Philippine Computer Society) and coming from various university chapters. The gathering of elite beta users. Are we scared? Nope. Just anticipating some apocalyptic technical chaos… but then, who knows, superheroes aren’t mythical in the world of Grado. Hah!

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